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Great Weather, Great Scenery, Great Britain!

We're great at moaning about the weather in the UK, aren't we? So much so that when some nice sunshine actually arrives we rarely celebrate it - intent, instead, of worrying about when the cold, wet and wind will return.

This week we've enjoy consistently warm weather - and it's set to continue well into next week too!

Whether you're on holiday or still at work, a nice bit of sunshine is certainly very welcome. Here's a few options for beaches you may want to try if you're looking to capitalise on the warmth whilst on the Yorkshire coast:

Whitby Beach

Top of the list, of course, is our wonderful sandy beach at Whitby! It's huge (when the tide's out) and provides ample space for as many as wish to enjoy it. You'll find beach donkeys, ice cream, and buckets and spades by the, well, bucket full!

The only downside is that when the tide is in, there's no beach left. However, you can still enjoy a stroll along the promenade, next to to the colourful beach huts, while you wait for the tide to recede!

Sandsend Beach

At the north end of Whitby Beach you'll find yourself actually on Sandsend Beach. There's not obvious divide - you can easily walk from one end (at Whitby Piers) to the other at Sandsend, or make use of the roadside car parking or council car park in the village.

The little stream running out of Sandsend makes the perfect place for children to enjoy the water in relative safety, and when the tide's up a small portion of dry sand remains, ensuring this beach can be enjoyed 24 hours per day!

Robin Hood's Bay Beach

Robin Hood's Bay beach has it all: expansive sands, rock pools, the dramatic sea wall, the Quater Deck view point and the rocky scars stretching out into the sea and down the coast towards Ravenscar. A visit to Robin Hood's Bay beach can keep the whole family occupied for hours and hours - provided there are regular visits to the ice cream van, the Bay Hotel or one of the lovely cafes for a quick refreshment!

Scarborough Beach

If you want to go a bit further afield, Scarborough beach is equally lovely. It's also huge and has the benefit of not being at the bottom of a huge hill! The town is in easy reach for those who fancy an amble to the shops, or even a walk up to the castle on the headland.

Cayton Bay Beach

And further on from Scarborough you'll find Cayton - a favourite with surfers year-round.

Redcar Beach

To the north you'll find Redcar beach. Sandy and expansive, stretching several miles. It too is on the same level as the town, making access easy. You'll get a slightly different feel here though, with the beginnings of Teesside's industry visible on the horizon, you'll also be able to see some of the North Sea's wind turbine generators and the ships making their way in and out of Teesport.

Saltburn Beach

In between Whitby and Redcar you'll find Saltburn Beach. Another sandy expanse and another favourite with families and surfers.

Take Your Pick

Whichever you choose you're guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed by the cooling sea breeze, having enjoyed some of Yorkshire's best coastal scenery. If you visit more than one, let us know which you prefer, and why!

To book your holiday near some of Yorkshire's best beaches, call us on 01947 811822.

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